Hi, my name is Elena.
I work for designer clothes for European manufacturers of women's clothing, and sometimes the model for my husband, photographer Victor Kor.
I love everything to do with fashion, mainly to make clothes for my line.
My outfits vary in use in everyday life.
I like to dress according to my feelings at that moment, the music that I listen to ... Any of the images created by me, would like to wear in real life. I love products made ​​of natural materials, soft as silk. I invite visitors to my page;-)

My dream is to become a great well-known designer, but I have often discouraged, and I do not want to create. Then I say to myself, "Do not be afraid to dream, and everything you want will come true!" From fashion blog has long been my dream. It took me a while, but I did. I hope that my blog ellekor.blogspot.com comes to people who share my passion for fashion, and all who dare to dream, as I do!

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